A class representing back actions.
Special request handler for admin/batchaction
The object manages the main CMS menu. See {@link LeftAndMain::init()} for example usage.
A simple CMS menu item.
Imports {@link Group} records by CSV upload, as defined in {@link GroupCsvBulkLoader}.
LeftAndMain is the parent class of all the two-pane views in the CMS.
Plug-ins for additional functionality in your LeftAndMain classes.
Allows CMS forms to be decorated with additional context arguments.
Allow overriding finished state for faux redirects.
Imports {@link Member} records by CSV upload, as defined in {@link MemberCsvBulkLoader}.
Parent controller for all CMS-global modals
Generates a three-pane UI for editing model classes, tabular results and edit forms.
Security section of the CMS


Abstract interface for a class which may be used to filter the results displayed in a nested tree