This class provides the necessary business logic to ensure that any assets attached to a record are safely deleted, published, or protected during certain operations.
Provides a mechanism for determining the effective visibility of a set of assets (identified by filename and hash), given their membership to objects of varying visibility.
This class handles the representation of a file on the filesystem within the framework.
Permissions for root files with Can*Type = Inherit
A utility class that finds any files matching a set of rules that are present within a directory tree.
Filter certain characters from file name, for nicer (more SEO-friendly) URLs as well as better filesystem compatibility. Can be used for files and folders.
A collection of static methods for manipulating the filesystem.
Represents a logical folder, which may be used to organise assets stored in the configured backend.
Represents an Image
Creates backends for images as necessary, avoiding redundant asset writes and loads
Provides image manipulation functionality.
Manages uploads via HTML forms processed by PHP, uploads to Silverstripe's default upload directory, and either creates a new or uses an existing File-object for syncing with the database.


An object which may have a thumbnail url