Backtrace helper

Interface for a generic build task. Does not support dependencies. This will simply run a chunk of code when called.

A base for bulk loaders of content into the SilverStripe database.

Encapsulates the result of a BulkLoader import (usually through the BulkLoader->processAll() method).


Class to facilitate command-line output.

CSSContentParser enables parsing & assertion running of HTML content via CSS selectors.

CSVParser deprecated

Class to handle parsing of CSV files, where the column headers are in the first row.

A basic HTML wrapper for stylish rendering of a development info view.

Utility class to facilitate complex CSV-imports by defining column-mappings and custom converters.

Supports debugging and core error handling.

A basic HTML wrapper for stylish rendering of a development info view.

Handles raising an notice when accessing a deprecated method, class, configuration, or behaviour.

Outputs the full configuration.

A simple controller using DebugView to wrap up the confirmation form with a template similar to other DevelopmentAdmin endpoints and UIs

Base class for development tools.

A blueprint on how to create instances of a certain DataObject subclass.

Manages a set of database fixtures for DataObject records as well as raw database table rows.

SilverStripe-specific testing object designed to support functional testing of your web app. It simulates get/post requests, form submission, and can validate resulting HTML, looking up content by CSS selector.

InstallerTest deprecated

Simple controller that the installer uses to test that URL rewriting is working.

A migration task is a build task that is reversible.

A custom exporter for prettier formatting of SilverStripe specific Objects in PHPUnit's failing test messages.

SapphireInfo deprecated

Returns information about the current site instance.

Test case class for the Sapphire framework.

Kernel for running unit tests

Represents a test usage session of a web-app It will maintain session-state from request to request

Wrapper around HTTPResponse to make it look like a SimpleHTTPResposne

Uses Symfony's YAML component to parse a YAML document (see


Classes that implement TestOnly are only to be used during testing