Check cache headers for any response, can specify directives that must be included and also must be excluded from Cache-Control headers in response. Also checks for existence of ETag.

Check that the connection to the database is working, by ensuring that the table exists and that the table contains some records.

Check whether the environment setting is safe. Useful for live sites where a non "Live" setting might disclose sensitive information.

Checks that one or more URLs are reachable via HTTP.

Checks for the accessibility and file type validation of one or more files or folders.

Checks for the maximum age of one or more files or folders.

Check that the given file is writable.

Check that the given class exists.

Check that the given function exists.

Checks if the SMTP connection configured through PHP.ini works as expected.

Check that a given URL does not generate a session.

Check the availability of all Solr indexes

Check that a given URL is functioning, by default, the homepage.