A modal search dialog which uses search context to search for and add existing records to a grid field.

Used by {@link GridFieldAddExistingSearchButton} to provide the searching functionality.

Builds on the {@link GridFieldEditableColumns} component to allow creating new records.

A component which lets the user select from a list of classes to create a new record form.

A custom grid field request handler that allows interacting with form fields when adding records.

GridFieldConfigurablePaginator paginates the {@link GridField} list and adds controls to the bottom of the {@link GridField}. The page sizes are configurable.

Allows inline editing of grid field records without having to load a separate edit interface.

Utility functions for the grid fields extension module.

Displays a link to an external source referenced 'external link'

Allows grid field rows to be re-ordered via drag and drop. Both normal data lists and many many lists can be ordered.

A base utility class for request handlers which present a grid field detail view.

A simple header which displays column titles.