Single checkbox field.

Readonly version of a checkbox field - "Yes" or "No".

Displays a set of checkboxes as a logical group.

Base class for all fields that contain other fields.

CompositeValidator can contain between 0 and many different types of Validators. Each Validator is itself still responsible for Validating its form and generating its ValidationResult.

Two masked input fields, checks for matching passwords.

Renders a text field, validating its input as a currency.

Readonly version of a CurrencyField.

Readonly version of a CurrencyField.

Abstract class for all fields without data.

Form used for editing a date string

Disabled version of DateField.

Form field used for editing date time strings.

Transformation that disables all the fields on the form.

Dropdown field, created from a select tag.

Text input field with validation for correct email format according to RFC 2822.

Lets you include a nested group of fields inside a template.

A list designed to hold form field instances.

Validates the internal state of all fields in the form.

Represents a file type which can be added to a form.

Provides operations for reading and writing uploaded files to/from {File} dataobject instances.

Base class for all forms.

The action buttons are <input type="submit"> as well as

Represents a field in a form.

Form component which contains a castable message

Will convert a SilverStripe message type into a Bootstrap alert type

A helper class for managing Form} and {@link FormField HTML template output.

This class represents "transformations" of a form - such as making it printable or making it readonly.

Grouped dropdown, using optgroup tags.

Readonly field equivalent for literal HTML

Field that generates a heading tag.

Hidden field.

Simple label, to add extra text in your forms.

Multi-line listbox field, created from a select tag.

This field lets you put an arbitrary piece of HTML into your forms.

Read-only complement of MultiSelectField.

A form field that can save into a Money database field.

Represents a SelectField that may potentially have multiple selections, and may have a ManyManyList as a data source.

NullableField is a field that wraps other fields when you want to allow the user to specify whether the value of the field is null or not.

Text input field with validation for numeric values. Supports validating the numeric value as to the i18n::get_locale() value, or an overridden locale specific to this field.

Set of radio buttons designed to emulate a dropdown.

Password input field.

Popup form action menu for "more options"

Transformation that will make a form printable.

Class representing printable tabsets

Read-only field to display a non-editable value with a label.

Transformation that will turn a form into a readonly version of itself

Required Fields allows you to set which fields need to be present before submitting the form. Submit an array of arguments or each field as a separate argument.

Represents a field that allows users to select one or more items from a list

Represents a number of fields which are selectable by a radio button that appears at the beginning of each item. Using CSS, you can configure the field to only display its contents if the corresponding radio button is selected. Each item is defined through SelectionGroup_Item.

Read-only complement of DropdownField.

Represents the base class for a single-select field


Implements a single tab in a TabSet.

Defines a set of tabs in a form.

Text input field.

TextareaField creates a multi-line text field, allowing more data to be entered than a standard text field. It creates the <textarea> tag in the form HTML.

Form field to display editable time values in an field.

The readonly class for our TimeField.


Represents a Tip which can be rendered alongside a form field in the front-end.

Allows visibility of a group of fields to be toggled.

Dropdown-like field that allows you to select an item from a hierarchical AJAX-expandable tree.

This formfield represents many-many joins using a tree selector shown in a dropdown styled element which can be added to any form usually in the CMS.

Represents a form field which has an Upload() instance and can upload to a folder

This validation class handles all form and custom form validation through the use of Required fields. It relies on javascript for client-side validation, and marking fields after server-side validation. It acts as a visitor to individual form fields.


A service which can generate a form

Declares that a form field has the ability to accept and render Tips.